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Passent, Daniel

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Polityka Online - Poland | 19/10/2012

Footballers save Poland's honour

Poland's performance on the football pitch in a draw against England on Wednesday has saved the nation's honour, according to a relieved Daniel Passent in his blog for the news portal Polityka Online. Poland's honour took a beating when the stadium roof in Warsaw refused to close during a downpour and the match scheduled for Tuesday had to be postponed. "Irrespective of whose fault it was, people all over the world were laughing at us: talking about the Polish football fiasco, about the Polish chaos in general and saying that the Poles can't get anything right. That organising a World Cup qualifiying match is beyond the Poles, and that Poland is basically like Asia. ... Luckily another stereotype was not confirmed: that we can only win against teams like San Marino. The Poles played a decent game against a rather unmotivated English team. We can really play football, we were motivated, we created some dangerous scenes in front of the English goal and proved that Poles are very capable indeed."

Polityka - Poland | 01/03/2006

Freedom of the press 2: media monitoring

The conservative Polish government wants to create a very controversial authority for monitoring the media, which would also have the authority to collectpersonal data on journalists. Columnist Daniel Passent protests. He comments, ironically : "I support the creation of a national institute for media monitoring... If we have read journalists' CVs and know about their political and sexual orientation, their past (even their remote past), their party affiliation, their addictions and their bank balance, this will improve our understanding of their views and publications."

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