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Pascaud, Fabienne

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Télérama - France | 23/12/2006

Bartabas in search of artistic grace

In 1984, Clément Marty, alias Bartabas, created Zingaro, the equestrian theatre troop that is currently presenting the show 'Battuta' in Aubervilliers, on the outskirts of Paris. In an interview conducted by Fabienne Pascaud, he explains his artistic approach. "Work with horses is something for the taciturn. ... Like the work of dancers and musicians. Like them, we have to practice for hours, often alone, in order to progress. This teaches the humility that actors do not always have. It is not surprising that I have more friends in dance and music. We have the same, almost ascetic, priestly approach to the trade. ... Grace cannot be attained without technique. And it only occurs when technique has been assimilated, overcome. Because grace is something profoundly human. Old dancers often reach grace, when their bodies are no longer so agile and they need to compensate by fully investing each of their gestures with their entire being."

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