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Parmentier, Guillaume

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Financial Times - United Kingdom | 28/04/2006

A diplomatic solution for Iran?

"All western countries agree that the problem is very grave," writes Guillaume Parmentier, of the French Institute for International Relations. "If Iran tests a weapon, other regional powers will follow. This does not mean the US and Europe will always see eye to eye on the issue. ... For the US, the regime is the problem. Since September 11, 2001, America feels that the main danger to international security comes from governments that combine hostility towards US policy with poor human rights records. For the Europeans, the issue is essentially one of nuclear proliferation and attention must therefore be paid to the regional equation, since this is the main catalyst for a national decision to obtain nuclear weapons. On that basis, a serious transatlantic crisis may be in the making if the western powers do not reconcile their divergent perspectives."

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