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Paraskos, Michael

Art Historian

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Cyprus Mail - Cyprus | 25/02/2007

Cyprus's colonial complexity

"Recently, we have seen incredible claims by Turkey over the right to oil and gas that is said to lie between Cyprus and Egypt", notes Michael Paraskos. "After years of proclaiming the north of Cyprus to be an independent country, it appears that the prospect of oil dollars has changed Turkey's mind. They now say Cyprus is one country and all its citizens, north and south, should benefit from any oil discovery. ... The root of Cyprus' problem with Turkey lies in the incomplete process of decolonisation that the island underwent. ... We might call ourselves the Republic of Cyprus but with three colonial powers, Britain, Greece and Turkey, still claiming the right to dictate our political system, our international relations and even, it seems, whether we can prospect for oil, we are not an independent nation. ... In a Cyprus in which one is first and foremost a Cypriot we can all belong to this land. No more longing for Greece or Turkey, no more agonising over foreign interference, and no more Turkish warships threatening oil explorers in our waters."

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