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Paraschivescu, Radu

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Adevârul - Romania | 21/11/2011

Annoying taxi monopoly at Bucharest Airport

Only one single taxi company is licensed to operate at Bucharest's Henri Coandă International Airport. The company charges two and a half times more than other taxi firms to cover the same distance. A clear case of corruption, writes author Radu Paraschivescu in the daily Adevărul: "Paying for something for which there is no alternative does exist in the capitalism of 2011, but it is more reminiscent of the communism of 1987 when buyers likewise had no alternative. ... Such a situation can only be explained through corrupt tender procedures, false deals or legal tricks. In any case it makes a mockery of the free market. The racketeering is plain for all to see, and the culprits smirk in the knowledge that they are protected by those in power. True, only those who are inattentive or drunk will fall for supposed bargains in Bucharest's inner city. But at the airport there's no other choice, especially if you're travelling with a child, a senior or someone who is ill."

Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 18/06/2009

Lack of advertisement for Bucharest's Bookfest a crying shame

The international book fair Bookfest began this week in the Romanian capital Bucharest. Radu Paraschivescu asks in the daily Evenimentul Zilei why the fair has received so little advertisement: "There are no banner ads or even any large format posters. This city is decorated with thousands of posters announcing a host of events: rock festivals, symphonies, circuses, ballets, the arrival of a mysterious guru or ... ads for looking at the moon or for spitting apricot pits. ... How to explain the quasi anonymity to which this edition of the book fair has been condemned? ... Each time I come to the Bookfest I hear various bits of information broadcast from the speakers of the Romexpo trade fair grounds: A fair for dental surgery instruments has begun, ... a goose and three chicks can be won at a zoo raffle. Metallic voices diligently present technical details and parameters, special features and manufacturers' names. But I've never heard anything about the Bookfest. This is a disgrace, a crying shame."

Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 22/03/2007

Longing for the sweet tastes of the cafés

Radu Paraschivescu misses Bucharest's old cafés where, he recalls, one could watch the world go by eating a piece of cake. "The communists disdained the simple pleasures of life. The gastronomic aberrations of the 1980s, such as cabbage rolls, pea cakes and the many things made of soya are testament to this. They were the result of shortages. Dessert was a profane luxury and the desire for cake with cream and rum was almost regarded as a perversion. I thought that after 1989 the old cafés would make a thrilling comeback. I thought we would regain those tastes we had suppressed for decades. In a world full of bitterness, it was only natural to want something sweet. And not only that. The cafés were always a place for romantic talk and casual flirting. But few of them are as cosy as they used to be."

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