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Parada, Luis Ignacio

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ABC - Spain | 17/07/2006

Petro-politics at the G8 summit

"The 'mighty ones' of the G8 were unable to apply the brakes to an oil dependence that threatens to dampen economic growth, employment and, ultimately, global stability," laments columnist Luis Ignacio Parada. "Each participant looked only to his own interests: Great Britain is relying on oil in the North Sea; France and Germany are banking on nuclear energy; the United States has invested in the Middle East; Japan, in the midst of an economic boom, can pay any price. Russia is both judge and jury as a supplier of oil to Europe. There is therefore no common European policy in terms of energy, even though the European Union was created for this reason."

ABC - Spain | 24/03/2006

The debate over economic patriotism

"When the sceptical, eccentric and obsessive Samuel Johnson wrote at the end of the 18th century that 'patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels', he was far from suspecting that one day, after a 50-year process of dismantling the Europe of fatherlands, a handful of short-sighted politicians, whose interests were more partisan than national, and whose arguments were more compassionate than rational, were going to resort to economic patriotism to safeguard their own power and maintain their leadership position in the business world. And that they would do so by the use of an obsolete method that consists of imposing bans in exchange for favours," writes Luis Ignacio Parada, noting that 'the epidemic of patriotism does not distinguish between left and right" among the European leaders.

ABC - Spain | 02/01/2006

The Cold Gas War

The daily asserts that Russian President Vladimir Putin "was looking to get his revenge against President Yushchenko, a pro-American who won the 2004 elections by beating a candidate whom Russia supported. Yushchenko wants the Ukraine of the Orange Revolution to relinquish its historic dependence vis-a-vis Moscow and become integrated into the EU and NATO. What might remain a simple squabble between Russia and Ukraine, thus becomes a major headache for Europe. Moreover, 80% of the Russian gas that Europe uses is transported through Ukraine. In exchange, Ukraine is entitled to 15% of the gas that passes through its territory. Since this amount does not suffice to satisfy its needs, it has begun stealing gas intended for European countries. Putin is therefore indirectly threatening the European nations."

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