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Papy, Gérald

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 29/08/2007

Abdullah Gül elected Turkish president

Gérald Papy welcomes this election. "On Tuesday, Turkey pulled itself up and out of its existential crisis. Institutional rules were respected. The natural candidate for the presidency, who imposed himself all the more with the AKP victory in the legislative elections in July, was elected in the third round of the elections with a simple majority. He immediately promised to respect secularism. The army, in the end, after one last warning on Monday evening and ostensible grievance on Tuesday, is left to watch by the wayside. .. . It has to be said that since being in power, Tayyip Erdogan and Abdullah Gül have favoured the economic development of Turkey and relations with the European Union, thus proving that Islam can blend into democracy. In these times of religious radicalisation, the Turkish laboratory is not only precious; it is vital."

La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 22/06/2007

Salman Rushdie at the heart of a new controversy

"To distinguish a formerly controversial writer is one thing. To not have seen that such an action would risk causing a stir in Islamic extremist circles is quite another", noted editorialist Gérald Papy. "Nearly twenty years after the publication of 'The Satanic Verses', nearly ten years after the scrapping of the deadly fatwa, the honour bestowed on Salman Rushdie shouldn't be making more waves. But liberty, tolerance and openness towards others, which are defended by democratic and must never be abandoned, are values which have little resonance - less and less, we are tempted to write - in certain Muslim countries. These states made sick by their extremists in the sense that their leaders are often tempted to compromise, in one way or another, with them".

La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 22/02/2007

Romano Prodi hands in his notice

Romano Prodi, leader of the Italian government, submitted his resignation on Wednesday, February 21st, after losing a crucial vote on foreign policy in the Senate. The editorialist Gerald Papy comments on the political crisis that is unfolding in the country. "By not approving the programme proposed by Massimo D'alema, Minister of Foreign Affairs, which calls for the continuation of Italian presence in Afghanistan and an extension of the American base in Vicenza, have the Forza Italia [Silvio Berlusconi's right-wing party] MPs not dropped their commitments for the sake of politicians' base considerations ? The fall of the Prodi-D'Alema government is more fundamentally the latest symptom of Italian politics' ailment: the dissipation of the centre-left government's strength and, more generally, of the political class at large. For it must be said that this government, formed after a very narrow victory, has never really been up to leading the country in a coherent and durable manner."

La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 31/07/2006

After the Cana tragedy

Editorialist Gerald Papy argues that the strategy of the Israeli leadership is untenable over the long term. "This sentiment is perceptible from the squares of Arab capitals to the streets of Brussels: Israel has given an unhoped-for popularity boost to the leader of the pro-Iranian Shiite movement, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. Whatever the 'pertinent' and, more often, bad justifications given by Israel, acts of carnage such as that perpetrated at Cana are only going to multiply the numbers of those seeking martyrdom within Muslim populations, and strengthen Hizbullah or one of its clones. ... In this already complicated Middle East region, the Israelis and Americans have again succeeded in making the search for a peaceful settlement with Lebanese and Palestinians even trickier. There were, however, other paths to explore."

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