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Papaioannou, Giorgos

To Vima, Greece

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To Vima Online - Greece | 20/08/2010

Greece lacks entrepreneurship

The Greeks buy more imported products than products made in their own country, consumer statistics recently published by the Bank of Greece reveal. The left-liberal daily To Vima sees lacking competitiveness as the cause: "This trend is very worrying and highlights one of the main problems with Greece's economy: low competitiveness. We produce too few products which then don't sell because they can't compete with foreign products. They're too expensive and of poor quality. ... The biggest problem with Greek products is the lack of a company culture. ... The country needs successful entrepreneurs who are not dependent on the state. ... Strengthening its entrepreneurship and boosting the competitiveness of Greek products are fundamental for freeing the economy from the shackles of the state."

To Vima Online - Greece | 25/07/2006

All eyes on Greek bank Emporiki

"This is an historic day," proclaims journalist Giorgos Papaionnou. "It is the official closing day for bids to be tendered in the privatization of Greece's second biggest national bank, Emporiki. A last-minute dramatic development cannot be ruled out. After many ups and downs, [French bank] Credit Agricole is the sole bidder that remains in contention. But it is possible that three private Greek banks - Alpha, Eurobank and Pireos - may have joined forces to present a joint offer today. Nonetheless, a buyout of Emporiki by Credit Agricole would represent a real step forward since no Greek bank is powerful enough to integrate into the world market. There remains another obstacle: the Greek interior minister, Giorgos Alogoskoufis. He does not think the French offer is good enough. But the minister forgets that Greece right now needs liquid assets."

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