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Papachelas, Alexis

Kathimerini, Greece

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1.  Kathimerini - Greece | 17/01/2016

Alexis Papachelas on the Greeks' worst character traits

Columnist Alexis Papachelas reflects on similarities and differences between Greece and other Balkan countries in the English version of the conservative daily Kathimerini: "Every time ... » more

2.  Kathimerini - Greece | 01/11/2015

Exodus to Europe: Refugees will be stranded in Greece

The Greeks fear that tens of thousands of refugees will be left stranded in the country if the Balkan states continue to seal off their ... » more

3.  Kathimerini - Greece | 03/06/2015

Macho airs hurting Athens' credibility

Athens must change its negotiating tactics once and for all, the conservative daily Kathimerini urges: "Much of the European establishment - and not just in ... » more

4.  Kathimerini - Greece | 31/12/2014

Survival instinct could save Greece

Ultimately it's up to the Greeks to create stability in their country, the conservative daily Kathimerini writes: "Governing Greece is an incredibly complex and dangerous ... » more

5.  Kathimerini - Greece | 11/09/2013

Putin wins out against West

Russian President Putin is setting the tone in the Syria crisis, the conservative daily Kathimerini writes: "He gambled high but he was realistic and ultimately ... » more

6.  Kathimerini - Greece | 09/05/2012

Left-wing government should be put to test

Greece should test what it's like to have a left-wing government because only then will it understand what this actually means, writes the conservative daily ... » more

7.  Kathimerini - Greece | 07/07/2011

Greece lacks experts for reform

The Greek state is in urgent need of professionals to carry out impending reforms. However, the ruling Socialists of the Pasok party have put off ... » more

8.  Kathimerini - Greece | 03/04/2011

Athens must fight demonstrators

The Greek government wants to set up a waste disposal site in the Athens suburb of Keratea. Residents of the suburb have been blocking access ... » more

9.  Kathimerini - Greece | 16/06/2010

Private television exacerbates Greek crisis

The daily Kathimerini writes that Greece's private television stations have played a role in worsening the country's crisis and complains of the poor programme quality: ... » more

10.  Kathimerini - Greece | 08/07/2009

Greece between the Balkans and Latin America

Journalist Alexis Papachelas asks in the conservative daily I Kathimerini why many multinational corporations have left Greece in recent months: "We shouldn't be surprised by ... » more


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