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Pàmies, Sergi

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Libération - France | 06/12/2007

Catalan is a great European language

In an interview conducted by Nathalie Levisalles, the writer Sergi Pamies, who writes novels in Catalan and articles in Spanish, explains that "you can be a Spanish-speaking Catalan, and you can also be a Catalan speaker without being a Catalan. I like the idea of not having to depend on a passport to write in a certain language. But it must be understood that Catalan is one of Europe's great languages, with its own history and literature ... . It is necessary to avoid committing injustice at all costs. It would be a gross injustice to not consider as illustrious members of Catalan culture those Catalan writers who are from Barcelona and write in Spanish such as Mendoza, Vila-Matas, Vasquez Montalban and Carlos Ruiz Zafon. And it would be just as unfair to overlook the fact that this great European language has great writers such as Josep Pla and Quim Monzo."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 21/09/2007

The Mona Lisa still stirs passion

"A recent visit to the Louvre allowed me to benefit from the joys of cultural tourism, an activity that is still looked down upon", writes Sergi Pamies who joined the crowd of visitors congregating to admire the 'Mona Lisa' by Leonardo de Vinci. "Suddenly the atmosphere is as stifling as in rush-hour public transport. I try to access the room where the oh-so-prodigious painting is exhibited. There, the enthusiasm is inordinate. All that is lacking is a Mexican wave. ... 'There she is !' everybody cries out in different languages. Little matter how far away she is, protected by bullet-proof glass that displays more reflections than nuances. Little matter if your are pushed and your feet trodden upon. The euphoria is by no means elitist, but rather a wild democratisation of cultural iconography, where all rules of politeness are broken."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 14/09/2007

How to recycle CDs

"As the 25th anniversary of the invention of the CD is being celebrated, it appears that the irreversible process of its extinction has begun and its days are numbered", regrets Sergi Pàmies, who recently discovered a way of recycling CDs. "In numerous gardens, I have observed CDs hanging on trees and balconies from bits of fishing line, forming picturesque mobiles. ... Those who practice this decorative ritual say it is to dissuade birds from landing on trees and balconies. The rays of sunlight reflecting off the dangling CDs are as efficient as the scarecrows we used to draw when kids. A fine future thus lies ahead of hanging music. I only wonder which music is engraved on the reflection that most scares birds, Alejandro Sanz's, or David Bisbal's [Spanish singers]."

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