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Palin, Michael

Travel writer and broadcaster

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 11/09/2007

Michael Palin gets in touch with Eastern Europe

For a television series entitled 'New Europe', british actor Michael Palin traveled throughout Eastern Europe to explore how the region and its people have developed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. "I found that the confidence gained from EU membership has made an enormous difference. ... It's a sign that they're once again being taken seriously as European players (Hungay, Poland, Lithuania and the Czechs having at times had great and enlightened empires in Europe). ... Instead of seeing east and central Europe as a mysterious world into which I, as a westerner, could never be fully initiated, I now see it as a cultural political extension of my world. The bond of history and proximity is stronger than any ideology. We have much more in common than what has set us apart. It's a bit like discovering a long-lost branch of your family. We shall doubtless still quarrel as families do, but at least we can get together for a party every now and then."

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