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Palacio, Ana

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Público - Portugal | 13/03/2012

Ana Palacion on Europe's responsibilities regarding nuclear power

The nuclear disaster that occurred in Fukushima a year ago on March 11th has radically changed the discourse on nuclear energy in politics and the media. However in Europe that discourse has unfortunately become irrational, writes former Spanish foreign minister Ana Palacion in the daily Público: "Europeans should not pontificate on nuclear-energy policy as if our opinion mattered worldwide, but we do. On the other hand, Europe does have a qualified responsibility in the area of security, where we still can promote an international regulatory and institutional framework that would discipline states and bring about greater transparency where global risks like nuclear power are concerned. ... Energy is, of course, the bloodline of any society, reflected in the correlation between energy demand and income. In this respect, nuclear energy's advantages, particularly its reliability and predictable costs, stand out. ... To act responsibly, Europeans should be working to enhance international security standards for nuclear power, not opting out of the game. The real lesson of Fukushima is that state controls are necessary but not sufficient to ensure nuclear safety."

Le Figaro - France | 19/07/2006

Ana Palacio on France's influence

"Europe needs France to once again become a beacon for the future," writes Ana Palacio, the president of the foreign affairs commission in the Spanish parliament. "France, in the history of European construction, has wielded great influence by virtue of its ideas. ... This ability to influence Europe's future diminished in the 1990s, due to a failure to grasp the implications of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the consequences of Germany's reunification and the regaining of freedom for Europe as a whole. ... France has also been a model of freedom, innovation and rational clarity. Ideas emanating from France had an irresistible allure thanks to their radiant lucidity. There are many of us who wish to see French politicians once again speaking with clarity to spread evocative ideas."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 27/01/2006

Hamas Election Victory

"We expect the European Union and others to follow this process as closely as possible, respect the voters' democratic choice and remain engaged and ready to work with whatever government and individuals truly commit to embracing reforms and distancing themselves from terrorism," write Carl Bildt, the former Prime minister of Sweden and Ana Palacio, Spain's former foreign minister, in a joint commentary. "In spite of the obvious difficulties, there are no alternatives in the search for peace but ones that have clear majority support. It is easy to understand and share the apprehension of many Israelis over the election result, but ultimately everyone has an obligation to avoid a new cycle of confrontation."

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