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Paiders, Juris

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1.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 16/08/2015

Russian transit suspension a danger for Latvians

According to media reports, Russia plans to stop shipping coal through Riga in the coming months. As Russian coal shipments account for more than a ... » more

2.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 25/11/2014

EU Commission leaves dairy farmers in the lurch

Latvia's dairy farmers are suffering losses of at least 10,000 euros per month as a result of the Russian import ban, the national-conservative daily Neatkarīgā ... » more

3.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 29/10/2014

Lithuanian gas terminal no blessing for Latvia

The floating liquid gas terminal Independence was moored in the Lithuanian Baltic harbour Klaipėda on Monday. Despite the delight at the prospect of reduced dependence ... » more

4.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 06/03/2014

Censorship wrong answer to Kremlin propaganda

The Latvian broadcasting authority is toying with the idea of banning the transmission of a few Russian TV channels. Most Latvian cable service packages include ... » more

5.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 10/06/2013

Scrap the EU Council presidency

Latvia will take over the rotating EU Council presidency in January 2015. For some days now the sum that this will cost the state has ... » more

6.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 23/05/2013

Latvia now has money for its sick children

Pleas for donations to help sick children are shown regularly on Latvian television. They often feature weeping mothers complaining that they can't afford treatment for ... » more

7.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 08/03/2012

EU indirectly sanctions Latvia

In reaction to human rights violations in Belarus the EU imposed further sanctions against the country on Tuesday. However economic sanctions against Belarus will also ... » more

8.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 19/07/2011

Eleven years of school enough for A-levels

Latvian Education Minister Rolands Broks is planning to cut the schooling required to reach A-level standard from twelve to eleven years. The national-conservative daily Neatkarīgā ... » more

9.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 05/11/2010

Bankruptcies are part of business life

Several well-known business people have recently gone bankrupt in Latvia. The national-conservative daily Neatkarīgā rīta avīze sees this as a natural process: "For the past ... » more

10.  Neatkarīgā - Latvia | 18/12/2009

Russian customs fight smuggling

Russia has intensified its customs controls on the Latvian border, resulting in long tailbacks of trucks. This is harming the economy, the daily Neatkarīgā Rīta ... » more


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