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Pacherova, Sona

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Pravda - Slovakia | 10/04/2006

Diplomatic embarassments

The Slovaks are used to seeing high-ranking foreign politicians mix up their country with Slovenia. Sona Pacherova points out that Slovakia's own presidential office has recently made a number of embarrassing mistakes in its diplomatic dealings. "During a recent visit from his Croatian counterpart, President Gasparovic mixed up Croatia with Serbia, then he called Pope Benedict XVI Pope Dominic. And during a speech at the UN plenary assembly in New York, he called for the 'stabilising of the balcony... I mean Balkan region'." Pacherova goes on to recall another incident involving a high-ranking government official. In his opening speech at the ceremony for the appointment of the new culture minister, the head of the presidential office referred to the president as the "Prime Minister of the Slovakian Socialist Republic”.

Pravda - Slovakia | 21/03/2006

An underground station without a train

In the Slovakian capital of Bratislava people have long dreamed of building an underground train network to solve the city's traffic problems. In 2003, however, the plans were sorrowfully put aside because the country lacked the financial backing. So the recent news that Bratislava's first underground train station will be ready in a few years time – albeit without the requisite train network – was all the more surprising. "This is no joke," the newspaper writes. "The city recently transferred a large piece of land to the Ballymore Eurovea company with instructions to build a metro station in line with its plans for a new city centre on the banks of the Danube. Deputy mayor Karol Kolada explains the measure as follows: 'It's true that it's not feasible to build a metro network at the moment, but it could become feasible in the future. So to prevent the city from scoring an own goal, we're insisting that the new city centre be built in such a way that one day it can be linked up to an underground train network.'"

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