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Oliveira, Daniel

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1.  Expresso - Portugal | 28/11/2015

Daniel Oliveira on terror hysteria in Europe

Since the Paris attacks a security hysteria has taken hold in Europe, columnist Daniel Oliveira observes in the liberal weekly Expresso and warns of the ... » more

2.  Blog Arrastão - Portugal | 05/11/2013

Church finally listening to believers

The Vatican plans to conduct a global survey to find out what Catholics think about marriage and family. The bishops will then convene in October ... » more

3.  Blog Arrastão - Portugal | 14/11/2012

Strike as a signal for Portugal and Europe

The number of participants in the strike in Portugal will send an important signal to the country's politicians, Daniel Oliviera stresses in the left-leaning blog ... » more

4.  Blog Arrastão - Portugal | 19/06/2012

Tsipras scare will have lasting impact

Even if the left-wing alliance Syriza hasn't managed the leap into government in the Greek elections the success of party leader Alexis Tsipras will influence ... » more

5.  Blog Antes pelo Contrário - Portugal | 21/11/2011

Portugal sells its soul to Angola

Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho attended talks in Luanda, Angola's capital, last Thursday to discuss the country's offer to help the former colonial power ... » more

6.  Blog Antes pelo Contrário - Portugal | 19/03/2011

Stéphane Hessel is not an anti-Semite

Stéphane Hessel's book Indignez-vous! (Get Angry) is a bestseller in France and many other countries, having sold 1.3 million copies in France alone. Now the ... » more

7.  Blog Antes pelo Contrário - Portugal | 15/02/2011

Daniel Oliveira explains why Germany must pay for Europe

In the current euro crisis Germany should realise that on the one hand its egoism is unfair considering its own history, and that on the ... » more

8.  Blog Antes pelo Contrário - Portugal | 16/12/2010

Daniel Oliveira on the reasons for the protests in Europe

Many European countries have seen protests and rioting against their government's austerity programmes recently. But the violent protests are also an expression of a crisis ... » more

9.  Blog Antes pelo Contrário - Portugal | 23/11/2010

Portuguese defend themselves with general strike

Today, Wednesday, the Portuguese are called on to take part in the country's biggest general strike in 22 years in protest at the government's austerity ... » more

10.  Blog Antes pelo Contrário - Portugal | 21/09/2010

Daniel Oliveira on run of the mill racism

Since the deportation of many Roma from France a debate has flared up in Portugal over racism at home. Daniel Oliveira pokes fun in his ... » more


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