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Obbema, Fokke

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1.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 11/01/2016

Don't exaggerate criticism of Warsaw

Martin Schulz should be use care in formulating his criticism of Poland, the centre-left daily De Volkskrant urges: "With his provocative statements he is adding ... » more

2.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 15/08/2014

Supplying weapons to Kurds a risky business

The US and European states supplying weapons to the Kurdish forces in Iraq to help them combat the IS militias is the right approach but ... » more

3.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 11/09/2013

Keep up pressure on Syria

Syria's consent to place its weapons under international control must be followed by further steps, comments the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "Because for once Russia ... » more

4.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 14/08/2013

Germany's no-spying deal anti-European

Germany wants to negotiate a so-called "no-spying agreement" with the US to prevent the two countries from spying on each other. That was announced by ... » more

5.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 19/06/2013

Cool reception for Obama in Berlin

Barack Obama arrived in Berlin on Tuesday on his first official visit as US president to Germany. Five years ago he gave a much celebrated ... » more

6.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 28/05/2013

Merkel sides with China on price dumping

Germany and China stressed the good trade relations between the two countries during the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang to Berlin. But German ... » more

7.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 22/05/2013

Europe's reluctant fight

There are more than enough arguments for plugging up the tax loopholes used above all by multinational companies, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant argues, while ... » more

8.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 03/04/2013

Paris and Berlin block debate on Europe

London wants to conduct a survey among its EU partners to examine the distribution of competences between the EU and the member states. However after ... » more

9.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 06/06/2011

Risky bailout plan for Greece

Greece is to receive another 100 billion euros in aid under a preliminary agreement among the 17 Eurozone countries, however only under the condition that ... » more

10.  De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 19/01/2011

Apple abuses its power

Newspaper publishers may no longer offer their digital iPad editions free of charge and must pay 30 percent of their revenues to Apple, the company ... » more


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