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Nyholm, Per

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Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | 03/04/2014

Europe must be independent on military policy

The Crimea crisis prompts columnist Per Nyholm to call in the liberal business daily Jyllands-Posten for Europe's military and political independence: "Europe must set out to protect itself by creating a credible military union that stands side by side with a weakened NATO and a strengthened EU. The Europeans must learn - 25 years after the end of the first Cold War and on the brink of a new one - to stand on their own two feet. Not an easy task, but necessary if Europe wants to continue to live in security, prosperity and democracy. ... Until recently one could talk of a 'strategic weariness' in Europe, of a Europe that was sitting back, tired of its history and its culture, its democracy - incapable of getting its act together. But there are many indications that it is now finally rousing itself."

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | 04/04/2006

The elections in Italy

Per Nyholm portrays the two opponents in the Italian elections. In any other country Romano Prodi would win easily, he imputes. But Italy is Italy and functions according to its own rules: "They're both authentic characters, both are very Italian... Prodi is the slightly confused academic, a famous economist who rides a bicycle and is a little too honest; a little too boring; not exactly what you would call a vote catcher. Berlusconi is the opposite. He's a great performer – elegant, superficial, witty, incisive – a little too Italian as far as Italy's neighbours are concerned. He compares himself to Churchill, Napoleon and Jesus... Prodi is clever and earnest – you love him, but you don't admire him. Berlusconi is the advertising man, the TV man, always manipulating – you admire him, but you don't love him."

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