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Nygard, Stig

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1.  Vasabladet - Finland | 29/05/2007

Finland's new smoking ban

As of next Friday, June 1st, a smoking ban will enter force in Finland's restaurants and pubs. According to recent surveys, around 80 %of Finns welcome ... » more

2.  Vasabladet - Finland | 22/05/2007

Finland's wood dispute with Russia

Russia has threatened to raise the price of its wood exports to Finland in July 2007. This would be a serious blow to the Finnish ... » more

3.  Vasabladet - Finland | 02/02/2007

Acting against climate change

"The climate is the prototype of a chaotic system and therefore highly unpredictable. Nonetheless, the methods for predicting changes have been continually refined, and are ... » more

4.  Vasabladet - Finland | 23/01/2007

How can Europe achieve energy independence?

Stig Nygard asks how the EU can become less dependent on Russia for energy provision. "Atomic power is definitely not a long-term solution; at most, ... » more

5.  Vasabladet - Finland | 11/12/2006

Nato debate in Finland and Sweden

Stig Nygard compares the Finnish with the Swedish debate on entry into Nato. Both countries have adapted themselves so closely to Nato that membership is ... » more

6.  Vasabladet - Finland | 01/09/2006

The problem facing young Finnish men

Finland is one of the most successful competitors on the world market, and its educational system has a very good reputation abroad. But Stig Nygard ... » more

7.  Vasabladet - Finland | 26/04/2006

Finland and the European constitution

The Finnish parliament plans to ratify the European constitution. People in Finland are now discussing whether this is a good idea. In a survey conducted ... » more


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