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Nye, Joseph S.

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 21/02/2008

Joseph S. Nye evaluates Europe's power to lead

In an article posted on Project Syndicate, American political scientist Joseph S. Nye analyses the ways in which Europe can become an offensive player on the international scene. "Europe currently punches below its weight. It is fragmented, peaceful, and normative in a world of hard power, but part of the world is not about military power. The use of force among advanced industrial democracies is virtually unthinkable. ... American military might is not adequate to deal with threats such as global pandemics, climate change, terrorism, and international crime. These issues require cooperation in the provision of global public goods and the soft power of attracting support. No part of the world shares more values or has a greater capacity to influence American attitudes and power than does Europe."

Die Presse - Austria | 28/04/2006

Joseph S. Nye on hard and soft power

The American political scientist, Joseph S. Nye, compares Europe's political style with that of the US and says both can learn much from each other. "Europe is relying on the EU's powers of attraction to achieve what it wants, just as the US has acted as if it could solve all problems on the strength of its military superiority. But it's a mistake to rely on hard or soft power alone. Intelligent use of power involves effectively combining the two. During the Cold War the West used its hard power to deter Soviet acts of aggression, and it used its soft power to undermine the trust of people living behind the Iron Curtain in communism. That was 'Smart Power' – intelligent use of power. In order to act intelligently today, Europe should invest more of its resources in the use of hard power while America should focus more on its soft power."

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