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Noville, Jean-François

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 20/02/2006

Racism brought to the stage

Stage director Jean-François Noville has brought to Brussels' Théâtre National the Swedish playwright Lars Norén's drama, "Cold", about the racially motivated fatal beating in Stockholm of a young Korean immigrant by three adolescents. He explains in an interview led by Laurence Bertels why he has chosen to adapt this script. "Because it was not politically correct. I was interested in dealing with racism in its rawest and most explicit form and to see what teenagers thought of it. It allows one to confront the issue of the extreme right through complex images, without resorting to caricature. ... Young people find the show to be funnier. They laugh, for example, at the dominating-dominated relationship. It is a sort of game with which they are very familiar, while adults quickly perceive the play's message. Whatever the audience, the final fifteen minutes tends to be frosty."

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