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Novev, Novak

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Sega - Bulgaria | 05/03/2009

Italy suffers from Romaniaphobia

Romaniaphobia is spreading in Italy like a contagion, writes Sega newspaper: "The emotional, temperamental and otherwise agreeable and generous Italians have fallen victim to it en masse. ... The worrying epidemic which has recently taken hold of the Apenines ... is determined by three basic factors: its source (foreigners), the means of transmission (their violent criminal activity) and susceptibility (anger and the desire for revenge on the part of the victims). The therapy adopted until now by Prime Minister Berlusconi and society as a whole with regard to the Romanian criminals has proved inefficient, to put it mildly. Contacts between Italy and Romania on various levels have also failed to bring the desired results. On the contrary, the most recent rapes and violent murders have led average Italians to resort to the tried and tested methods of the American colonel Charles Lynch, and were grist for the mill of the Forza Nuova."

Sega - Bulgaria | 09/02/2009

A new Schengen zone in the Balkans

During his recent visit to Kosovo Albanian President Bamir Topi proposed that a Schengen area be established by the end of March in the Balkans, guaranteeing free circulation of persons and good between Albania and Kosovo initially and later to include the former Yugoslavian republics of Macedonia and Montegnegro. The daily Sega comments: "Sceptics see this as an attempt by Tirana to realise its old dream of re-establishing a Greater Albania. The first obstacle to the plan could come from Montenegro, where despite separation from Belgrade and the existence of an Albanian minority pro-Serbian sentiment is still very strong. The second and far greater danger comes from the EU, which cannot allow the black hole of organised crime to grow even larger in Europe."

Sega - Bulgaria | 16/10/2008

Montenegro recognises Kosovo

Last week Montenegro officially recognised Kosovo. The daily newspaper Sega contends that Serbia has little room for manoeuvre as regards imposing sanctions on its neighbouring state for this act of recognition. "Not only because for centuries the Serbs and the Montenegrins have been blood relatives, so to speak, but also because at the moment many [Serbs] currently hold dual nationality. It is clear that neither of the two states can afford to allow the torrent of hate to turn into a permanent conflict. The two sides have more things in common than things that divide them. ... The Serbs can complain that the Montenegrins have stabbed them in the back, but they must take real regional and international circumstances into account. Moreover, the rulers in Belgrade are aware that more than 200,000 Serbs live in Montenegro and that the economic systems of the two countries have always been strongly interdependent. This is without doubt a fact that will deter radical action."

Sega - Bulgaria | 18/06/2007

The end of the Republic of Macedonia?

For Greece, the name of its neighbour, the" Republic of Macedonia", has been a problem ever since the latter gained independence, because for Greeks the name "Macedonia" refers to its own province of Macedonia. Novak Novev reports that the Republic of Macedonia has now indicated its willingness to compromise in the name dispute. "Because the young state wants to obtain EU and NATO membership as soon as possible, it has now signalled its willingness to change its official name to the 'Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'." The UN accepted the country as a member under this name, but until now the government in Skopje had described the name as unacceptable. "They are now hoping to overcome Greece's tough stance, which consisted in threatening to exercise its right of veto against Macedonia joining the EU and NATO as long as the naming dispute remained unresolved... However, the problem persists in the Macedonians' new biometric passports, which are supposed to be EU-compatible. They are printed with the words 'Republic of Macedonia' in Cyrillic and Latin script."

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