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Nova, Massimo

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 16/01/2006

The Battisti affair

The journalist Massimo Nova revisits the Battisti affair via a new book published in France by journalist Massimo Nova entitled, "Generation Battisti". Cesare Battisti, suspected of masterminding an assassination attempt in Italy during "the lead years", had sought refuge in Paris, where he was protected for many years by a special law and supported by the intellectuals of the left, becoming a writer of detective thrillers along the way. Threatened with extradition in 2004, he has been on the run ever since. "The controversy reignited by Perrault does not focus on the manipulative schemes of certain intellectuals, but on the good faith shown by many of them and their particpation in a judicial affair that has become a matter of conscience. (...) From a reading of the declarations of solidarity, 'Battisti-Dreyfus' appears to be a victim of three authoritarian shifts: the 'Chilean' Italy of the 1970s, the Italy of Berlusconi and the France of Chirac and Sarkozy, that has turned its back on that of Sartre and Mitterand."

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