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Normand, Jean-Michel

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Le Monde - France | 28/06/2006

The World Cup coiffure is not what it once was

"Competing in a World Cup in Germany is a serious matter," observes columnist Jean-Michel Normand, who has been noting the players' hairstyles. "The 1998 World Cup made the clean-shaven head fashionable - a fad that is still going strong - and 2002 saw a host of highly original creations, such as the flattened tuft of hair on Ronaldo's forehead. This time, aside from the fantasies of Angola's Loco (frontal clump of mini-dreadlocks) or the Czech republic's Jan Polak and his vaguely punkish coif, the World Cup of hair has been a frank disappointment. ... Just consider David Beckham, soccer's 'fashion victim'. Four years ago, he flaunted a peroxided Iroquois crest, but today, he barely sports a few discoloured locks. In fact, in the image of England's number 7, this 2006 World Cup confirms the decline of 'metrosexuals' (urban males with a flamboyant sense of style)."

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