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Nord, Christina

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 11/09/2006

Praise for the diversity of the Venice Film Festival

This year the Venice Film Festival's top prize, the Golden Lion, went to Chinese director Jia Zhangke for his film "Sanxia Haoren" (Still Life) about the gigantic dam project on the Yangtze River. Film critic Christina Nord has returned from this year's festival full of praise. "The diversity of the films that won awards reflects the quality of this year's Bienniale. There were more good films to see – stimulating, challenging films - than there have been in a long time. Just a year ago, one had the impression that filmmakers didn't know the answers to the questions of the present or didn't even ask them, while video artists were seeking and achieving something very contemporary at the arts biennial. But this year Marco Müller and his selection of films have provided a refreshingly contemporary and dynamic cinematic cosmos. So what if the infrastructure on the Lido is falling apart and there's no market worth mentioning for films, if Marco Müller has announced that next year will be his last year as director of the festival and Rome is establishing a rival festival? Who cares, given the quality of the programme?"

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 09/02/2006

Berlinale 2006

Commenting on the inauguration of the Berlin International Film Festival, Christina Nord notes with pleasure how successful German films are at the moment. "Rediscovering the familiar, the common-place – that's what German film, which is particularly heavily represented at this year's Berlinale, has to offer. A total of 55 German films are being shown at the festival. "That's more than there's ever been at the Berlinale, and it's something to celebrate – although not in the spirit of national pride which seems to have dazzled the festival's organisers and the film branch as a whole. Patriotism is totally out of place in film, which is a global art. The fact that these films waken the desire to reflect and to explore the nature of reality is an even greater source of delight."

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