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Nolde, Dirk

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Die Welt - Germany | 27/12/2006

The future of Web 2.0

Dirk Nolde points out that since the beginning of 2006, companies have been making billions out of Web 2.0. "But in actual fact there are many who have not yet caught up with the information age, even in the year 2006, and even in America... And of those who are online, only a few are actively participating. They could. That's what Web 2.0 is there for. But they don't. ... On average only one in every 100 users registered with Yahoo Groups makes use of the service allowing users to set up their own debate club. The rest just read what the others write... From a financial point of view it doesn't make much of a difference. Those who just look count just as much as those who create because most of the money Web 2.0 generates is through advertising. The profit depends on how often a certain page is called up, or in other words, on how many people see the advertisement. ... The amount of money that can be made this way here and now is impressive. A video constantly runs on the YouTube startup page – a paid advertisement. YouTube sells the advertising space in the upper right corner for 175,000 dollars per day."

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