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Noël, Pierre

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Le Figaro - France | 07/09/2006

The European energy market is a priority

The French government wants to privatize the company 'Gaz de France' in order to allow it to merge with the Suez group. The debate triggered off by this project offers, according to economist and political scientist Pierre Noel, "the opportunity to under-line the importance of renewing a single market for energy. ... The impact of merging on the conditions of our energy supplying ... will depend on the organisation and the regulations of the markets in which the future group will operate, thus the ability of the Member States to re-launch this big economic project which is the construction of European energy markets. Europe needs industrial performers with global calibre, but the emergence of these cannot be an alternative to the construction of continental energy markets : If they want to act in favour of energy security and the economic competitiveness of Europe, the Member States, including France, must dedicate themselves to this project with a sense of priority."

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