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Nirumand, Bahman

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 21/02/2011

Berlinale boosts Iranian freedom movement

The Iranian drama Nader And Simin, A Separation by director Asghar Farhadi has won the Golden Bear at this year's Berlin International Film Festival. The attention paid to Iran at the Berlinale has a political dimension, writes the leftist daily die tageszeitung: "Asghar Farhadi's Golden Bear-winning Nader And Simin, A Separation shows the diversity of a society that thirsts for freedom and self-determination. Despite ongoing suppression and paternalism, the resistance movement is still lively and creative. This is yet another confirmation that the attempt which has now lasted for more than thirty years to Islamify the country and force a narrow view of life and morals on the people has failed. ... Gradually Iranians are also seeing what an important role literature, art and culture play in society. ... The Iranian people need backing from abroad. And the attention showered on the film makers at the Berlinale will certainly encourage artists and others in Iran to go on creating."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 01/02/2006

Iran's Nuclear Programme and the Security Council

Bahman Nirumand calls on the West to take a closer look at Iran: "There are also moderate forces at work within the government. Even conservatives reject President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's confrontational policies. The signs of Tehran's adopting a softer tone which could be observed over the past few weeks throw light on a power struggle that has become increasingly fierce since Ahmadinejad made his radical statements. It's thanks to the moderate forces within the government that Tehran described Russia's offer to produce nuclear fuel in Russia as 'positive' and as a 'possible way out of the crisis', and that just last Monday an Iranian delegation tried to prevent Europe from making 'rash decisions'. The question now is which faction within the Iranian parliament will win the battle. The answer depends to no small extent on the West's response. Threats, sanctions or a military attack will only serve to strengthen the radicals' position and silence the voices which today rise in opposition to Ahmadinejad's policies."

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