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Nirenstein, Fiamma

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La Stampa - Italy | 27/04/2006

Anti-Israel incidents shock the Jewish community

Israeli flags were burned on Tuesday, April 25 in Milan on the fringes of the ceremonies commemorating the 61st anniversary of the liberation of Italy. Editorial writer Fiamma Nirenstein believes this incident is dangerous for Romano Prodi's coalition. "If, in the 1950's, we had told Italian Jews that in future Liberation celebrations people were going to be burning Israeli flags, they would have thought it was a bad-taste joke. ... As a daughter of a soldier of the Jewish Brigade [a unit that fought alongside the Allies in the Second World War], I feel that the left must make a heartfelt mea culpa: it must be the enemy of all antisemites if it wants to remain Israel's friend. ... Otherwise, the divorce between the left and the Jews will be inevitable and definitive."

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