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Nimmervoll, Lisa

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Der Standard - Austria | 15/05/2006

Are Austria's Muslims unwilling to integrate?

Lisa Nimmervoll comments on a remark made by Austrian Interior Minister Liese Prokop, who quoted an unpublished study according to which 45 percent of Austria's Muslims did not want to be integrated into Austrian society. "Prokop's conclusion was that 'those who don't want to be integrated should not be here.' So according to this study 45 percent of Muslims 'are not interested in integration'. What's that supposed to mean? What can it mean? That the Muslims in question don't want to eat pork schnitzel under any circumstances? That they wear a head scarf? Or perhaps that they force their daughters into arranged marriages? Or do they still want to say their prayers facing Mecca and refuse to convert to Christianity? Or could it be that 'I don't want to be integrated' means 'I want to found an Islamic cell in Austria and then from here...'? It's precisely this fatal, short-sighted view of things that Liese Prokop has now reinforced with her premature interpretation of a study about which up to now nothing of scientific relevance is known."

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