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Nigro, Luciano

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La Repubblica - Italy | 05/08/2008

The naked truth

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's staff has had a painting by the old master Giambattista Tiepolo which hangs in the government press room retouched. The naked breasts of a scantily dressed woman representing Truth were painted over. La Repubblica is dumbfounded: "The undergarments that cover her nakedness are causing a commotion among art historians. It brings to mind that most famous episode of prudish censorship, when 400 years ago [the painter] Daniele da Volterra painted underwear onto Michelangelo's naked souls in the Sistine Chapel. The director of the Vatican museums shakes his head in disbelief. The Papal museums are a haven to many a nude figure, while the government seeks to cover up the naked truth. ... Will the undergarments be removed? Silence from Berlusconi's ranks. Nevertheless, the symbol adopted by the culture ministry does offer hope: the naked Daphne by Bernini."

La Repubblica - Italy | 03/08/2007

A terrorist bombing in the heart of democracy

On August 2nd, 1980, a terrorist bomb blew-up Bologna's train station, killing 85 people and wounding 200. Interviewed by Luciano Nigro, Renato Zangheri, who was mayor of the town at the time, says that he is glad that "finally, 27 years after the events, the State secrecy is being lifted. All the same, it remains difficult to tell who is responsible for such a tragedy. There is more to this single bomb. We know that the bomb was planted by neo-fascists, but the planning took place much higher-up. Whoever chose to strike on a first Saturday in August, when grandparents and children leave for the seaside, had very precise intentions. ... They wanted to carry out other episodes, triggering a mechanism of civil war. It was a terrorist attack aimed against democracy, where democracy was doing best [in Italy]."

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