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Niewiedzial, Katarina

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 10/07/2006

Poland - a family business

Political scientist Katarina Niewiedzial warns against demonising Poland under PiS because this party also symbolises Poland's break with the past. "Now PiS is endeavouring to reconcile the Poles with the state and strengthen the sense of community. Alongside the Lustration Law, for example, it plans to set up a central office to combat corruption and dismantle the country's military intelligence service which has its roots in the communist era. Another cornerstone of this strategy is the Kaczynski brothers' frequent talk of solidarity and state welfare and their appeals to patriotism. If PiS is successful, it could clear the air to make way for a democratic Poland with greater confidence in the state, a greater sense of community and less corruption."

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