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Nieto, Miguel

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Diario Sur - Spain | 10/07/2006

Development is worth more than just a symbolic euro

The Spanish journalist Miguel Nieto castigates the "solidarity tax" on plane tickets that came into force in France last July 1. "France, with a blatantly bad conscience, made a small offering of one euro in the name of 'solidarity' for everyone who travels by plane. The money will go towards the fight against pandemics, AIDS, typhus and malaria that afflict the disenfranchised of the Third World. One can be ironic here: and what about those who take the boat or the Orient Express ? But what is disturbing is the underlying hyprocrisy. A little euro for charity is all fine and well; but we are incapable of sticking to our commitment to devote 0.7 % of our GNP to developmental aid. A pipe dream, just like cancelling debt, abolishing taxes on the import of raw materials from poor countries or investing more money in them. This miracle euro is a joke. Even if it is better than nothing."

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