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Niedermeier, Cornelia

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Der Standard - Austria | 29/06/2007

A pessimistic new generation of authors

The "German Literature Days" literature festival began yesterday in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt. At the event 18 up-and-coming authors will compete for the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the German, Austrian and Swiss literary scene. Cornelia Niedermeier takes stock after the first day: "The texts that kicked off this year's competition varied greatly, but they all had one thing in common on the first reading: the narrative perspective of the lonely, isolated first person, somewhat disorientated by today's world and the complexity of the information on offer. ("Even a penknife is beyond our power of imagination." – Jochen Schmidt) For this reason the preferred course of action is to withdraw to the perspective of the irritated, disgruntled observer rather than take action or commence a relationship."

Der Standard - Austria | 13/10/2006

Orhan Pamuk, Turkey's other voice

Cornelia Niedermeier comments on Orhan Pamuk winning the Nobel Prize in Literature: "Orhan Pamuk is not being honoured for having a brilliant style. His metaphors are at times clumsy and his aphorisms less than convincing. They are honouring an author who incarnates an open-minded Turkey, a Turkey that is capable of self-contemplation and tolerance. And indirectly, all those Armenians who for decades have been living in exile and whose fate remained unknown to the great majority are being honoured."

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