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Nídr, Tomáš

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Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | 18/06/2007

Right-wing victory in France's legislative elections

Tomáš Nídr believes the victory of Sakozy's UMP party in the French parliamentary elections will have a major impact on EU reform: "Over the coming months Nicolas Sarkozy will become a leading player in global politics. The parliamentary elections have secured him a majority in the National Assembly. Although the victory of the right was less spectacular than hoped, the new president now has a stronger position within French politics than any of his predecessors since Charles de Gaulle... Two years after the French gleefully trampled on the unreadable EU constitution, the Sarkozy-Merkel duo (provided they are able to persuade the pig-headed Kaczynski to back down at this week's summit) will be able to produce a shorter document that propels European unity forward."

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