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Nicoll, Ruaridh

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The Observer - United Kingdom | 07/02/2006

Scottish media facing job cuts

Recent layoffs and media proprietors' growing preference for regional news coverage reflect "the increasingly parlous state of Scotland's news-gathering operations," Ruaridh Nicoll writes in the sunday paper. "Job cuts at the Scotsman. More cuts at the Herald. Swingeing cuts at Scottish Television. ... It was never meant to be like this in a devolved country. ... Journalism has long been an area where Scotland exports. Scots run publications that range from American supermarket tabloids to the Melbourne Age, to Granta and New York's super- fashionable Black Book. There are few London papers without graduates of the Scottish press at every level. ... A lack of aspiration in Scotland's media will be bad for devolution, but it will also mean the supply of such talent drying up."

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