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Nic, Milan

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Sme - Slovakia | 05/02/2007

Kosovo as a role model for the Hungarians in Slovakia

Several leading Slovak politicians have surprisingly expressed doubts about independence for Kosovo. They argue that the Hungarian minority living in Slovakia might use Kosovo as a role model in its own push for autonomy. Representatives of the Hungarian minority have rejected these allegations. Milan Nic of the University of Bologna finds the suspicious attitude of the Slovak politicians towards the Hungarians uncalled for. "Those who use the international test case of Kosovo as an excuse to foment fear of Hungarian separatism are still imprisoned in the last century. The unique solution for the Balkans can never serve as a benchmark for Central Europe, especially not in view of the existence of the EU. It's sad that the president of the foreign policy committee, Boris Zala, and Foreign Minister Jan Kubis are playing Kosovo as a trump card. Our position on Kosovo should be modelled on that of our partners in the EU and NATO, not on that of Moscow or Belgrade."

Sme - Slovakia | 16/01/2006

Between the EU and Russia

Slovakia is in great danger of sleeping through developments east of its borders, says Milan Nic. He points to how "in keeping with old tradition" most Slovak politicians and a large part of the media sided with Russia in the gas dispute between Moscow and Kiev. "We still haven't got used to the fact that we live on a European border and that things beyond that border greatly affect us. The area between the expanding EU and Russia is occupied by Ukraine, Belarus and Moldavia, and forms an important hinterland for our security."

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