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Nevin, Charles

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 16/06/2006

Blair letter reveals Karl Marx inspiration

Charles Nevin comments on the discovery of a long letter written by Tony Blair in 1982 to then Labour party leader Michael Foot, in which the 29-year-old lawyer professes his early admiration for Karl Marx. "Comrades, of whatever group, cadre, or international, will be poring over the Blair letter, and, in particular, the phrases, 'I came to Socialism through Marxism' and, 'Socialism ultimately must appeal to the better minds of the people. You cannot do that if you are tainted overmuch with a pragmatic period in power'. ... The less ideologically committed will be wondering if this letter contains Mr Blair's last criticism of America, and speculating how different the past 25 years might have been, given that the 22 pages were written in his law chambers, if only his clerk could have found him some work."

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