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Neumann, Ottó

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Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 06/03/2008

Aptitude tests for MPs

In Romania, politician Varujan Pambuccian has proposed that candidates for Members of Parliament should be required to pass IQ and psychological aptitude tests before they receive their mandate, now that they are to be elected directly instead of through ticket votes. Ottó Neumann applauds the initiative but calls for the candidates' honesty to be put to the test, too. "This way we could keep all those for whom personal and lobby interests are more important than representing the people from taking up government posts. True, testing this aspect will be much more difficult than the other two aspects. But I'm convinced that such a selection procedure would be beneficial, not only for Romania. There are other countries in the region where strict measures are the only way to put an end to the corrupt goings-on in politics."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 08/11/2007

The deportation of Romanian immigrants from Italy

Journalist Otto Neumann comments on Italy's move to deport EU citizens classified as a security risk: "Make-shift camps are breeding grounds for crime and therefore not an option. Perhaps it was the Italian authorities who made the greatest mistake by failing to prevent this kind of 'settlement'. But now one of the fundamental rights of all EU citizens is in jeopardy: freedom of movement. Even worse is the fact that ethnic criteria are being used to explain criminal tendencies. In this way an entire group can be held responsible for individual crimes - with Romanians and Roma as the victims in this case."

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | 26/04/2007

Suffrage for babies?

The Hungarian opposition politician Máriusz Révész has proposed giving parents additional voting rights according to the number of children they have. Otto Neumann comments: "At first glance this is a truly hair-raising idea. How many ballot papers would be distributed to parents, and which parent would receive them? Would it be necessary to have the consultation with one's offspring about their political preferences attested by a notary? But if you think about what lies behind this initiative it seems less problematic: it would be a sign of respect for couples who are prepared to rear children. It would prove that you can't exclude two million citizens from parliamentary democracy. In view of the country's present demographic crisis it would at least send a message. But unlike Révész I don't believe additional voting rights would contribute to boosting the birth rate. This would require more far-reaching changes."

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