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Nerbrand, Sofia

Chefredakteurin und Geschäftsführerin des liberalen Gesellschaftsmagazins "Neo".

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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 07/04/2008

Denmark's democracy canon

In 2006 the Danish government presented an official cultural canon. Now, in 2008 it has presented a democracy canon aimed at improving people's knowledge about the principles of freedom and democracy in schools, educational institutions and the media. The Swedish daily comments: "After a first round in which he won the cultural battle against his ideological opponents in the ranks of the far left, the [Danish] head of government is now aiming at religious fundamentalists with political ambitions in a second round. He has realised that there are still strong forces that don't see the victory of liberal democracy as the end of the story. Not everyone loves personal and political freedom, but is it really the task of the state to publish a canon for democracy? The answer is: the ideological war between totalitarianism and liberalism can't be won by military means."

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