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Negrutiu, Florin

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1.  Gândul - Romania | 21/05/2015

Raise in child benefit won't help Romania

The Romanian parliament doubled child benefit to the equivalent of 20 euros on Wednesday. The online paper Gândul writes that more should be done to ... » more

2.  Gândul - Romania | 26/02/2014

Row over posts breaks up Romania's coalition

Romania' National Liberal Party, the PNL, announced that it was ending its ruling coalition with the Social Democratic PSD on Monday. Both parties have been ... » more

3.  Gândul - Romania | 07/01/2014

Romania's judiciary not afraid of politicians

Romania's ex-prime minister Adrian Năstase must go back to prison. The country's highest court sentenced him on Monday to four more years behind bars for ... » more

4.  Gândul - Romania | 13/08/2013

Romania neglects its Hungarians

Romanian President Traian Băsescu harshly criticised the leader of the far-right Hungarian party Jobbik, Gábor Vona, for stating that even conflicts with Romania would be ... » more

5.  Gândul - Romania | 15/02/2012

Naked bum only speeds end of journalism

In its Sin Show on Monday night, the Romanian television station Antena 1 broadcast an amateur video of former prime minister Emil Boc standing ... » more

6.  Gândul - Romania | 02/12/2011

Why Romanians are disgusted with their country

In the context of a campaign timed to coincide with the national holiday of Romania, the Great Union Day, Romanian media asked the country's citizens ... » more

7.  Gândul - Romania | 26/10/2011

Wave of sympathy for modest former king

Former king Michael of Romania was allowed to give a public speech in Romania for the first time in 64 years on Tuesday, when the ... » more

8.  Gândul - Romania | 09/02/2011

Fight corruption to the very top

Anti-corruption officials arrested 140 border police and customs officers in another major crackdown at various Romanian border areas on Tuesday. But the real ringleaders are ... » more


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