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Neff, Ondrej

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 08/08/2006

Manipulated pictures for the "media front"

The Reuters news agency has withdrawn a photo showing smoke over Beirut buildings following an attack. Apparently, Lebanese photographer Adnan Hajj used digital technology to put in the smoke and make the photo look more dramatic. Ondrej Neff talks of an "invisible front line" after this latest case of forgery: "The manipulated pictures are evidence that the war is also being fought in the media. Since the day it came into being, Israel has been fighting on many fronts against an enemy that wants to destroy it completely and wipe it from the map. One of those fronts is the media front. And let's not deceive ourselves. That front line also runs through our media."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 31/07/2006

Safer roads in the Czech Republic

On July 1 new road traffic regulations carrying markedly heavier penalties for infringements took effect in the Czech Republic. Onfrej Neff says the measures are a disciplinary success: "Fifty-two fewer deaths on the roads – that's half as many as in July 2005. This is certainly a major improvement. Traffic has become calmer. Drivers drive more carefully. In fact, traffic has become so much more orderly that it's surprising the number of accidents has only dropped by 27 percent. Would there be even fewer accidents if the penalties were even heavier? It's hard to say…The police force's 'Clean Roads' initiative, which entails removal of pointless road signs rather than monitoring of motorists, is very commendable."

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