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Nedelcu-Patureau, Mirella

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Observator Cultural - Romania | 28/09/2007

Mirella Nedelcu-Patureau on Moldova's Europe-bashing

The Moldovan playwright Nicoleta Esinencu has achieved international fame. Her play "Fuck you," has already been performed in Romania, Moldova, France, Russia and Germany. Romanian theatre critic Mirella Nedelcu-Patureau asks where the anger expressed by the play's protagonist comes from: "Why does she have the urgent need to insult what was once a shining dream amidst the misery of everyday life and was unattainable for so long?... In the ex-Soviet republic of Moldova everything has the colour 'of shit,' the protagonist of Esinencu's play proclaims. While all of a sudden a Europe of plenty makes inroads into the dreary routine of life in Moldova, a sense of growing disappointment begins to spread among the new generation that at first was so eager to discover the pleasures of the longed-for consumer society... Theatre and our European society need this kind of text, this kind of revolt, this cynical cursing filled with teeth-gnashing black humour that, like in ancient myths, whips up the waves of an indifferent ocean."

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