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Navarro-Valls, Joaquin

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La Repubblica - Italy | 10/12/2010

Joaquín Navarro-Valls on appearance and reality in the age of Wikileaks

Commenting on the current Wikileaks debate ex-Vatican spokesman Joaquín Navarro-Valls defends the moral importance of the transparency created by the whistle-blowing platform's revelations: "The Wikileaks phenomenon is ultimately not a serious disease that has Attacked the media world but rather demonstrates the inability of old politics to deal adequately with a reality in which everything can be revealed. ... The only recourse the politicians have against this global pillorying is to use their power responsibly and with integrity. For in the future it will be impossible to be perverse and yet seem pure, to be a warmonger while feigning to be pacifist. The Internet age is merciless. Not so much because appearances count more than reality but because the façade is now inextricably bound up with the underlying reality. So only a person who is genuinely good can look good, too, but someone who does everything to look good will be exposed as bad. A paradox that encourages hypocrisy rather than weakening politicians. Wikileaks could become the last guarantee that values that are not virtues don't survive, because sooner or later they will be exposed by the inconsistent behaviour of those who fake public morals."

La Repubblica - Italy | 07/01/2009

Islamic demonstration in Italy

Joaquin Navarro-Valls, long-time director of the Vatican's press office, stresses in a commentary the importance of a climate of religious freedom which underlies the demonstrations by Italian Muslims against Israel's offensive in Gaza. "The use of the public prayer for political purposes must not be equated with combining religion and terrorism. On the contrary: the wish to seek a political and cultural identity in traditional faith is no outpost of terrorism, but a remedy for it. ... We must understand that the freedom of which we in Europe are so proud - one politically and legally sanctioned on very few other continents - is always based on the religious freedom of others. ... Seeing that Muslims in Italy may practise their faith in front of the cathedrals will certainly inspire many Muslims elsewhere in the world to grant similar rights to Christian and Jewish minorities."

La Repubblica - Italy | 01/10/2007

Joaquin Navarro-Valls on the crisis of democracies

For Joaquin Navarro-Valls, former spokesman for John Paul II in the Vatican, all European democracies are going through a crisis of confidence for lack of consensus. "There is a gap that is impossible to bridge between politicians and citizens. This dissociation of political life and real life as experienced by people creates an environment that favours demagogy and defeatism. The problem actually almost always begins with a loss of hope that ends up dragging everything down with it, including politics, into a general whirlpool of pessimism ... . Democracy is only maintained thanks to citizens' involvement in the life of institutions. This is why institutions need to give an active role to citizens ... . In the absence of this participation, democracy is incomplete, it goes into crisis and only partially works."

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