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Navarro, Beatriz

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 29/02/2008

Serbia no longer in the mood for the Eurovision

Beatriz Navarro informs us that Serbian public television has decided not to broadcast the song contest due to select the candidates who will defend the Serbian flag in the Eurovision song contest in May. This international competition won in 2007 by the Serbian singer Marija Serifovic will be held in Belgrade this year. "After the painful declaration of the Kosovo's independence, Belgrade is no longer in the mood to organise pro-European festivities ... . This polemic clearly shows that the festival has had increasingly political connotations ever since former Soviet Union countries started to join in. They see the Eurovision contest as an extension of Europe, just as Spain did at the time of Massiel [a Spanish singer who won the Eurovision in 1968]. The map of Europe has changed a lot since then, as has the festival."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 29/01/2008


"Yesterday the EU dropped its habitual discretion regarding electoral processes abroad and put aside its own internal differences [among its 27 member states] managing to stretch out a timid hand to pro-European Serbian forces", explains Beatriz Navarro. "Aware of the fact that their efforts may be perceived as an attempt to weigh upon the election results, European ministers of foreign affairs nonetheless decided to offer Serbia the signature of a bilateral agreement that will allow the country to be less isolated. ... The prospect of seeing Serbia distanced from Europe and brought closer to Russia - with whom it has just signed important energy deals - is very worrying for European diplomacy."

La Vanguardia - Spain | 16/01/2007

Change in the European Parliament

Fernando Garcia and Beatriz Navarro take stock of the Catalan Josep Borrell's activity at the head of the European Parliament. "At first he suffered a lot from the little knowledge he had of this post and he had to understand the importance of reaching a consensus within a chamber as unpredictable as the European Parliament. But this did not stop him giving a personal touch to his mandate by delivering critical speeches or providing fine analysis contrary to the soporific dissertations that presidents traditionally like to give at European summits, meetings at which Borrell knew how to express his ideas in a unique manner. He also knew how to take advantage of the international scope of his mandate by engaging in numerous foreign missions, an interest that he will be able to pursue if he is selected as head of one of the commissions that he would like to direct".

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