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Naïr, Sami

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El País - Spain | 16/12/2010

A more flexible Euro Stability Pact

Saving the euro will mean adjusting the stability rules for the currency, writes political philosopher and former MEP Sami Naïr in the left-liberal daily El País: "The European project is really hanging in the balance now. The rules laid down in the Lisbon treaty for the functioning of the euro are increasingly in conflict with the way things are developing in the various countries of the Eurozone. It seems no government dares question the dogmas that form the basis of the Stability Pact, even if no one adheres to them anyway. But if we want to save the euro we must make these rules more flexible – or perhaps even change them. It's important from now on to achieve strong coordination among the European economies, even if Germany, the guardian of the Central Bank, rejects the idea of an 'economic government'."

Libération - France | 05/09/2006

Sami Naïr pays homage to Naguib Mahfouz

French political scientist Samï Naïr, specialist of the Mediterranean world, pays homage to the Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz, winner of the 1988 Nobel Prize for literature who died on August 30th, at the age of 94. "To get an idea of his writing, imagine a mixture of Balzac and Clarin, of Zola and Dickens. With, in the back-ground, the universe of 'A Thousand and One Nights', the epic force of the Old Testament, the New Testament's love of one's neighbour, inserted and surpassed into his Koranic faith - a human, tolerant Koran, open to the arts and sciences. ... Mahfouz was the great Egyptian writer of the 20th century. Tolerant Egypt will mourn him as its lost conscience, its bard, and its most profound cultural guide, most profound, because most authentic. With Oum Kalsoum, the divine singer, he represented a certain idea of the Arab world, warm, welcoming and still haunted by the times of the great epics."

El País - Spain | 30/06/2006

Sami Nair favours greater mobility for migrants

Sami Nair, a political science researcher and immigration specialist, regrets that "the draconian laws pertaining to the acquisition of a work permit, along with the fear of losing this permit if one leaves the host country" prevent immigrants from regularly returning to their native countries. He calls for "the establishment of free movement between the host country and the country of origin. A mobility that must be regulated by bilateral agreements and serve as an engine driving a genuine strategy of developmental aid. Free movement would be cost-effective for host countries, which would be able to benefit from new and varied forces while improving their commercial relationships with the migrants' countries of origin. Portuguese immigration in Europe offers a splendid example of the fruitful dynamic that exists between Portugal and the countries that take in its citizens. Why couldn't Europe do the same with northern and sub-Saharan Africa?"

El País - Spain | 01/03/2006

The explosive question of identity

In the wake of the controversy over the Prophet Muhammad cartoons, Sami Naïr, a professor of political science, argues that it is necessary to take into account globalisation and multicultural societies in the debate over freedom of expression. "This historic situation, which is occurring with such intensity for the first time in human history, requires us to become at once more aware and to make a great effort to act responsibly. Becoming aware means appreciating the fact that peoples' identities have become the main catalyst, that they are veritable social and political dynamite. And, consequently, it means understanding that the question of identities must not be taken lightly, and that we must not turn it into a strategic and political face-off between human groups."

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