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Nahtigal, Matjaz

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Delo - Slovenia | 11/11/2009

Eastern Europe must move on

Twenty years after the fall of communism in Eastern Europe the time for a fundamental revision of its policy has come, writes jurist Matjaž Nahtigal in the daily Delo, noting that post-communist societies need to make marked progress in the coming years: "We should not forget that many other countries and regions in the world won't wait for us to wake up from our dogmatic slumber. Simply maintaining the current model, which is mainly based on standardised production and the increasingly difficult preservation of the welfare state won't be enough to secure access to a dynamic, creative and knowledge-based society. It is becoming increasingly clear that a radically different vision for development is needed to replace the one we have followed for the past 20 years. A vision that makes initiatives 'from the bottom' possible, that has a strong integrating effect and is more institutionally diversified."

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