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Nagy, Gergely

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hvg - Hungary | 18/05/2006

The first play about the national uprising of 1956

The Hungarian uprising of 1956 is a popular theme in political speeches, but up to now few artists have dared to deal with the subject. Gergely Nagy writes enthusiastically about "Kasematten", the first play about 1956, which recently premiered at Budapest's Katona Theatre. "Until now we had no perspective, no language with which artists could talk about 1956 independently of political power struggles. Two young authors – free of the distorted vision and inhibitions of many of their older contemporaries – have found that language... Director Peter Gothar deliberately avoided all reference to 'sacred symbols' in his production. Even the familiar flag of the freedom fighters, with a hole in its middle where the national coat of arms had been cut out, is nowhere to be seen. Those who find the play scandalous have completely misunderstood it."

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