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Näf, Kaspar

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Postimees - Estonia | 01/12/2008

No legal cannabis for Switzerland

The Estonian daily Postimees laments Switzerland's decision against legalising cannabis: "The question of whether psychiatric patients who smoked hashish have had to undergo therapy as a consequence remains unanswered. It is entirely possible that people who are prone to psychic illnesses are also more prone to becoming addicted to hash, and sooner or later end up in therapy. Nor will a ban prevent them from consuming hashish, and this is why a ban won't solve the cannabis problem. The Swiss proposal would have offered considerably more advantages. Legalising the drug would have had the advantage that it would then be subject to control. Estonians are very much aware of the difference between legal and illegal schnapps. ... And packs of cannabis could carry off-putting pictures and thus contribute to raising awareness, as cigarette packets do."

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