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Nádas, Péter

ungarischer Schriftsteller

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1.  Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 26/09/2013

Péter Nádas calls for introspection from politicians

Democracy suffers when politicians lack introspection because otherwise they fall prey to dangerous illusions and fantasies, writer and essayist Péter Nádas writes in the liberal ... » more

2.  Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 28/12/2011

Hungary lacks democratic tradition

In Hungary the third attempt at modernising the country has failed, writes author Péter Nádas in the left-liberal weekly Élet és Irodalom with reference to ... » more

3.  Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 20/10/2006

The legacy of the Hungarian Uprising

The Hungarian writer Peter Nadas describes the Uprising of 1956 as the final act in the history of European revolutions: "It was a shameful and ... » more

4.  Népszabadság - Hungary | 21/09/2006

Peter Nadas on the protests in Hungary

The daily publishes a television interview between Sandor Friderikusz and author Peter Nadas in which the latter defends Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, whose remarks triggered ... » more

5.  Népszabadság - Hungary | 02/05/2006

Peter Nadas on modern press photographers

To mark the opening of the Press Photo Exhibition in Hungary, author Peter Nadas praises the press photographer's profession in a speech published by the ... » more

6.  Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 31/03/2006

Peter Nadas on writing under a dictatorship

Hungarian author Peter Nadas questions in an essay whether it's at all possible to do responsible journalistic reporting under a dictatorship, and analyses among other ... » more


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