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Morvay, Peter

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1.  Sme - Slovakia | 13/12/2011

Not all Putin's opponents are democrats

The mass demonstrations in Russia over the past week have resonated across the world and have frequently been described as the end of the Putin ... » more

2.  Sme - Slovakia | 24/11/2011

Moscow's blackmail games over missiles

Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev has threatened to station missiles near its borders with Nato if the US goes ahead with its plans for establishing a ... » more

3.  Sme - Slovakia | 05/10/2011

Putin's Eurasian Union unrealistic

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has announced in a newspaper article plans to found a "Eurasian Union" with former Soviet republics. The union could form ... » more

4.  Sme - Slovakia | 16/08/2011

Birth control against Slovak Roma

The Slovak Ministry of Social Security plans to offer poor Slovakian women the pill for free or to cover the costs of their being sterilised. ... » more

5.  Sme - Slovakia | 31/05/2011

Serbs have done with Yugoslav Wars

Around ten thousand Serb nationalists protested on the weekend against the arrest and impending extradition of alleged war criminal Ratko Mladić to face trial in ... » more

6.  Sme - Slovakia | 27/05/2011

Capture no coincidence

Not just noble objectives on the part of Belgrade lie behind the arrest of presumed war criminal Ratko Mladić, the liberal daily Sme writes, suspecting ... » more

7.  Sme - Slovakia | 12/05/2011

Don't sacrifice Schengen

Calls from Italy and France, among other countries, for a limitation of freedom of movement because of the refugees from North Africa are out of ... » more

8.  Sme - Slovakia | 11/05/2011

EU sanctions against Syria too late

The EU decided on Monday to freeze the accounts of 13 relatives of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and impose a ban on their entering the ... » more

9.  Sme - Slovakia | 17/03/2011

Hungary campaigns in Slovakia

Hungary's Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén wants to grant voting rights to Hungarians living abroad. An absurd idea, writes the liberal daily Sme: "It is ... » more

10.  Sme - Slovakia | 10/03/2011

EU travelling circus must stop

The European Parliament resolved on Wednesday to cut costs over the next two years by holding fewer sessions in Strasbourg. About time, writes the ... » more


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